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For 8 years, the production of nuts in Ukraine increased by a qu
For 8 years, the production of nuts in Ukraine increased by a qu

Since 2010, nut production in Ukraine has grown by more than 25%, which allowed Ukraine to gain a foothold in the top ten world leaders in the industry.
More domestic farmers collect nuts only in the USA, Mexico, France, Germany and Peru.

In the medium term, Ukraine is expected to increase even more gross harvest of walnuts, as the areas of its plantations are rapidly increasing after long years of stagnation. For example, last year, the area of ​​nut orchards increased immediately by 18% and exceeded the 2000 figure.

At the same time, highly productive varieties of walnut are planted in Ukrainian gardens, which allow for the harvest of good yields.

Analysts say that based on the optimistic expectations of large yields of walnuts in our country, now we need to create enterprises for their processing.

Recall annually the global market demand for walnuts is growing by 5-10%. And you can sell not only the kernel, chips and flour, but also the shell with partitions.

Ukraine has favorable soil and climatic conditions for growing nuts. All over the world, walnuts can grow no more than 7% of the territory. The peculiarity of the walnut tree is that once planted, it begins to yield after 7 years and does so for 500 years without requiring special care. Therefore, the profitability of growing nuts is higher than that of wheat.

As reported, in 2018 in Ukraine resumed the budget program to support the new gardens, which provides compensation for the cost of seedlings. With it, the compensation for one walnut sapling will be about 330 UAH, hazelnuts - 80 UAH.