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Ukraine entered the top three world producers of nuts
Ukraine entered the top three world producers of nuts

World leaders in the production of walnuts are China and the United States. These countries occupy 50% and 29% of the world nut production, respectively. The EU (total), Chile and Ukraine with shares of 5% share the third place. In particular, Ukraine produces about 110 thousand tons of nuts. The data is voiced by the association "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business".

At the end of 2016, Ukraine exported 27 thousand tons of shelled nuts in the amount of $ 65 million.

The main market for Ukrainian walnuts is the market of Asia and Europe. The main position of exports to Europe is walnuts peeled. Deliveries of this product during this period increased by 16% and in 2016, exports amounted to almost 7 thousand tons, which in monetary terms amounts to $ 25 million. Thus, Ukraine is the fourth largest supplier of nuts to the EU, second only to the United States, Moldova and Chile .

“The main problem in the export of walnuts is the heterogeneity of batches and, accordingly, their price,” comments Daria Gritsenko, an expert at the agrarian markets of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Association. are non-varietal and significantly inferior in appearance to the same American and Chilean. To increase the export of nuts, it is necessary to increase the area under industrial plantations, grow varieties ie nuts, suitable for further processing and export. "

As for the harvest of 2017, it is projected to be almost 1.7 times more than in 2016. The global amount of walnut in the season 2017/18, experts compare with the volume of the previous season. For domestic producers, this means that the selling price of the walnut kernel in Europe (the main market for the Ukrainian walnut kernel) will not change significantly. So, the purchase price from the suppliers will be impossible to overstate, stressed Gvozdik.