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Who are we?

Agricultural company “EXTRA NUTS”, located in the industrial area, was founded in 1990. This is a family business for the processing of walnuts, which involved several generations.


Our achievements

Over a 30-year term of activity we managed to gain vast experience as well:

  • to create decent working conditions in accordance with the requirements of the fire inspection, ecological and sanitary-epidemiological services and other regulatory organizations.
  • significantly increase the production scale;
  • establish long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign partners;
  • go to the forefront in the export of a high quality product.


The secrets of success “EXTRA NUTS”

This success was preceded by:

  • long and dedicated staff work;
  • mastering and polishing processes;
  • modern equipment purchase;
  • working premises arrangement.


Services we provide

We keep growing and improving, acquiring new partners and clients, accept and promptly execute orders. Along with this, ongoing procurement and sales of halves (1/2), quarters (1/4), eighths (1/8) of the kernels, and mixed products in different proportions.

We always have special offers for our regular customers that should interest you!

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We offer continuous supply of walnut kernels. Walnuts, grown in Ukraine appreciated in Europe.

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Company “EXTRA NUTS” carries out purchase and wholesale supply of various products of organic origin.

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If you want to find a reliable supplier of pumpkin seeds, pay attention to EXTRA NUTS company.

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What we are cooperating countries:

Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece, Germany, France, India, China, Pakistan.